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About Us 

BONIROLA SA is a company situated in Switzerland that since 2004 operates in the wholesale distribution of drugs and parapharmaceutical and in the international import-export.

Through our business network stationed in different countries, we are able to offer you a global research, consultancy and supply of drugs and parapharmaceuticals products, ethical, generic, medical devices and cosmetics.

BONIROLA SA is authorized by Swissmedic and operates in the international pharmaceutical market as:

  • Import of drugs
  • Wholesaler/pharmaceutical distributor
  • Export of drugs
  • Worldwide trade of pharmaceutical products
  • Stock of drugs in our store

The inflexible respect of the rules, the application of the GDP rules about the pharmaceutical distribution, the continues search for quality and security through the respect of the internal Standard Operative Procedures (SOP), prepared in according with the current international directives, the professionality of the Staff are the key that make BONIROLA SA a privilege partner for their respectives client.

Swissmedic Authorization